Guido Coppis - Director
Guido Coppis - director

After killing

A music video about trauma, revenge and murder


Music by WOW Factor (Ronald Gerritzen & Michel Florijn, featuring Armanda ten Brink) - Published by OPM Records, New York

Written & Directed by Guido Coppis With Lex Buskens, Jos Smit, Joey Hoendervangers & Merlijn van Balen Blanken


Editor & Gaffer: Grover Blom AD: Thijs Bronts DOP & Grading: David Koster Production Manager: Ronald van Essen Make- Up: Evita Feltsadas


Co-written, developed, produced and mixed by James Sanger for Vibey Productions ltd. ( Mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin, Metropolis London

Special thanks:

Paul Ruven Wilbert Hendrix Carmen Coppis Juul Schell Haico Coppis Piet & Riet van de Geer

Shot on an Sony FS7 with Zeiss CP2 Superspeeds

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