Guido Coppis
Director & Cinematographer
Guido Coppis - Director & Cinematographer



GUIDO COPPIS (Venray, 1998) director, screenwriter

When Guido was 16, he won the EJFF for best student film and Kunstbende Limburg for his short film “Crown”. His next short film “IJzer In Mijn Aderen” won the Special Jury Prize on the Euregion Film Festival, was nominated for best film on the same festival and for “Best young director” on the Birmingham Film Festival.

Now, at the age of 24, Guido has already made 14 short films. Juries praised his own style, as young as he is. His narratives do not follow the “normal” route, he usually starts somewhere in a normal scene and thus gives the audience the power of fantasy to fill in the missing elements, so the audience can experience their own story. A character can say more without saying anything. For his 50 minute film "Silent Storm" Guido won "Best Euregional Film" on the Euregional Film Festival and for "Best New Filmmaker" on the Limburg Film Festival. In 2021 he won the award for 'Best Short Film' for 'Before Bedtime' on the Limburg Film Festival.

Guido is currently finishing his feature film debut 'BITE', which he wrote and directed. The film got funded by the Netherlands Film Fund and Limburg Film Fund.


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